Brody Holloway



Half-way through and going strong

Brody SWO13 is approaching the mid-summer point, and it has been a blistering pace.  We have had students come from all over the country and have seen God move in amazing ways.  Many have come from darkness to light, from death to life, by the power of the Gospel.  We have been blessed with a great staff for the summer and they are pouring their lives into these students.

SWO is a year-round ministry, but more than half of our participants come in during the 10 weeks of summer camp and stay longer than at any other time of year.  During the school year, the average conference or camp at SWO is two nights, but in the summer, it is five nights.  This gives us a great opportunity to really invest in and connect with students and leaders.

Pray that our staff continues to endure the long hours and emotionally and spiritually grueling ministry of so many thousands of hurting students and families.  We are standing on the Gospel alone, in Christ alone, to minister to needs that we are not qualified to address.  But praise be to God, HE knows every need, and every person who will come through, this summer.

I will share some personal stories as the summer continues.

Thanks for the support through prayer.  Hope to see you at SWO before the summer is over.

SnowbirdBrody Holloway