Brody Holloway



'Get up and Teach' — A Word from Kilby

Hi everyone! Sooo it has been really long since I blogged, but I am blogging now so here it goes!
When I was 6 years old, God called me to India, South Asia. Now this was a place I didn't even really know about until He called me there. At first I just thought: "Oh, right! He wants a 6-year-old to go all the way to the other side of the world and do missions... Sure." But of course that is what we all would have probably thought!
So the next couple of months God really laid this place called "India" on my heart. So, I stopped fighting! I stopped fighting and listened for the will of the Father! I realized that if God is really controlling my life, I should not be in the drivers seat. I should be along for the ride! And that is what happened.
I started praying for the people of India and actually learning about it! I told my dad that God had called me there, and I wanted to go  "scouting it out for the future." At first he didn't think much about it, but when I wouldn't stop bugging him and bugging him about going, he finally gave in! He told me that (this was the summer after I had turned 9) if I raised enough money for him, me and my mom to go, we would.
Finally, after three years,  I got enough for three two-way tickets to Mumbai, India! We were going! it was finally happening. We went in January of 2012, and I had such an amazing time the week I was in India!!!!
When I got back, I could NOT stop thinking about India and when I could go again and when I could move there. I didn't want to wait for forever to go back — I wanted to go back then and minister to the people of Mumbai! But then, one morning during my Bible study, I realized something amazing! Christ didn't go far from his home town to minister, to preach the Gospel! America is just as blinded, filthy and lost as any third-world country. We are just affected differently by sin! We don't have to go to India, or Korea, or China to tell the Gospel. We have the perfect opportunity to everyday at school, on the street or in your neighborhood! And usually we blow that amazing opportunity because of our lazy nature.
Get up and teach, preach and disciple: "Go and Make disciples of all..."
      -Kilby Holloway