Brody Holloway



Greetings from Uganda


We have been completely blown away by the support we have received on our adoptions.  God has led us, for now, to a little four-year-old girl and her one-year-old brother, living in the city of Kampala, since their mother died last June.  Pray for us as we are currently in Uganda.  We have a court date set for February 11, and we ask that you pray that we would have favor in the eyes of the courts and the judge.  A lot will need to happen while we are here, and we don’t even know how long we will be in-country.  We are trusting God to provide in every way. All five of us are here together, as this has been a family thing from day one.  Our kids are so excited, and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for our family through all of this.  Planet Holloway is in Africa (the lyrics of Toto are ringing in my head right now)!

Thanks for all the support both through prayer, and through giving over the past year.  God is faithful, and so are his people.