Brody Holloway



Mumbai, India

A lot of you followed us on Twitter while we were on our recent trip to India.  We really appreciate the prayer support.  Little and I got to take Kilby over there and we met some amazing people who are living out the Gospel to hopeless people in the slums of India.  We were awakened each morning by the citywide Muslim call to prayer, which was followed by the ringing of bells on the Hindu temples.  They do this in order to wake the Hindu gods.  Hmm.  Demons sleep. It was a constant reminder of the reality that there is still much work to do.  There are more than 23 million people in the city of Mumbai, and more than 99 percent of them don’t know Jesus.  They need to.  They have to.  We can’t afford to not get it to them.  Our lives will be short, so let’s not waste time.

I left India blown away that our God, Jesus, never sleeps.  He is the God of Mumbai and every other nation in the world.  Many of them just don’t know it.  We need to tell them.

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