Brody Holloway



Praying for Others

Had a great day today and continuing to see the kids progress.  Thanks again for all the prayers, and I hope you enjoy the videos. Tonight I wanted to ask you all to share a burden for a family we have met here.  Scott and Cheryl have two biological girls ages 11 and 8 and are adopting an amazing little guy named Paul (8 years old) here in Uganda.  Cheryl and Paul have been here at the guest house going on four months now.  It has been a difficult time for their family as Scott and the girls are back home in Alabama, and Cheryl and Paul are stuck here in Uganda dealing with a mess of legal and bureaucratic red tape.  They should have been home two months ago, but the roadblocks keep stacking up.  Little and I and the kids have gotten close with Cheryl and Paul and love them very dearly already.  This is the international adoption nightmare that you hear about often, and it is truly a nightmare.  They cannot do anything, and their hands are tied, waiting on cooperation from both governments.  We will be going with Cheryl tomorrow to get her visa renewed, as it is about to expire.  She wants so badly to be home with the whole family together and we want it for them.

These guys are an amazing family who love the Lord and love the Gospel.  Please pray with us that they are reunited as a family soon.  God broke the heart of the Kings of Bablyon and Persia and crushed the authority of Pharaoh.  He can certainly deal with uncooperative government agencies in this situation.  Please pray for a breakthrough.

I will keep you posted.