Brody Holloway



SWO Marriage Retreat — All about the Gospel

We had a great weekend hosting the 2012 SWO Marriage Retreat. We have been so excited to host this year’s event, knowing the great opportunity we have in challenging couples to biblical marriage. The event sold out, and we actually had to turn away dozens of couples who had been on a waiting list.

The thrust of the weekend was bringing our marriages into the lens of the Gospel. There seems to be such a trend in ministry right now to talk a lot about the Gospel, and I am excited about that. There is nothing in all of creation that is not impacted by the Gospel. There are books being written by prominent pastors, and there are conferences and ministries being named around that one word — "Gospel." Even for our SWO13 summer camp, we are emphasizing and working around the theme of the Gospel and its centrality in all things. We're excited!

But there is NO greater platform to display the love, grace and glory of Christ in the Gospel than the platform of biblical marriage. If we are to experience God-honoring marriages that reflect His covenantal love to us, then we must build marriages on the foundation of the Gospel.

We had a great time this weekend breaking down the Gospel-marriage relationship. Thanks to everyone who attended. Podcasts will be up soon at


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