Brody Holloway



Welcoming New Staff

Every August, we welcome a new group of interns at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters. These men and women carry a huge part of the responsibility in ministering to students who come here during the school years for conferences and retreats. SWO interns are valuable ministry partners who come here under a calling from God and are looking for an opportunity to serve for at least one year. Over the last few days we have been doing rec training with this group that will be calling SWO home for the next year.

We have already seen God do great things through this bunch for the Gospel. Last week we kicked off our back-to-school season with a group of students from Westminister Christian Academy in Athens, Ga. The interns did a great job leading small groups and running their first river trip of the season.

Please pray for the SWO intern team as they minister to students from all over the country, and as they travel all over the world this year with SWO, pointing people to Christ.

SnowbirdBrody Holloway