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Respond Women's Retreat: A Letter from Little

little blog When my grandma purchased the land that camp sits on, she made a sweet request to the Lord and asked that everyone who stepped foot on this property would feel the presence of the Lord. I have had the golden opportunity to watch this peace land inside the heart and soul of many lives while being a part of the ministry here at Snowbird over the last two decades.  The Lord is so very good!

My life is a beautiful chaotic mess, raising 2 teenagers, one pre-teen, a kindergartener, and a toddler. I’m always on the go—like so many of you. However, in the busy-ness, it has been very refreshing to have a few moments to myself preparing for the Respond Women’s Conference.

Most of that preparation has been in reading through the book of Philippians.  The old truth that to live is Christ has breathed a new freedom into my lungs and drawn me into His marvelous light once again. Paul’s words compel us to dig deep and press close to our Savior, dying to ourselves that we might live. If our lives are found in Christ, we can be women who are unified in a way that speaks the truth of our Savior in the midst of suffering.

My prayer for the women who come to Respond is that they would feel Christ as they step onto the ground here…that they’d hear Him softly calling them into a place of humble re-purpose…soaked and saturated with the joy of the Lord.  I can’t wait to see each of you ladies! There’s still a few spots left, so if you’re thinking of coming, please do! Register today.



Soldiers, Athletes, and Farmers

bestrong-emailheader I wanted to share the opening session of the SWO16 Winter Be Strong Men’s Conference, which happened last weekend.  A couple hundred men from all over the U.S. were in attendance.  From Northern Illinois to South Florida, men came together for fellowship, recreation, and discipleship.  I hope this is encouraging and helpful.  Give a listen, then pass along.


SWO Update

swo update  

We have just finished our first two rounds of Winter SWO Retreats.  This year, our Winter SWO teaching focus is Psalm 23.  This passage is a very familiar for most Christians, but it’s one that few of us have ever really dug into and studied.  The feedback from staff and students so far is really positive, and it seems that this is a very practical and encouraging study.  One of the goals we have here in our teaching ministry is to be faithful in our handling of God’s Word while being practical in our delivery and instruction.  We want staff, students and leaders to be encouraged as they sit under the teaching and preaching ministry of SWO, but we also want them to be focused and determined in their own commitment to study God’s Word—that they’d be shaped by it.

The kickoff to Winter SWO was pretty wild as unseasonably warm temperatures left us with no snow and no possibility of skiing or snowboarding.  Many of the groups that come for Winter SWO sign up to spend an afternoon at the slopes.  But this year, we just didn’t have that option.  With temperatures in the seventies, we did what we had to in order to make the experience memorable.  We went whitewater rafting!  That’s right.  We took students down the Nantahala River on the first day, but even that was cut short! We’ve gotten a lot of rain here lately, and since the forest service said the water levels were too high, we couldn’t go rafting the second day of the retreat.

The week between Christmas and New Years brought the craziest weather we had ever seen for that week, but the SWO staff, Pastors, and students who were here just made the most of it.  In the end, we had a blast, and the Gospel remained the focus of the week.  Students were challenged both spiritually and physically and God moved in our lives.

We will be traveling and preaching a lot over the next several months and maybe we will see you while we are on the road.  God is good, and we want to see him do great things in 2016.

The Refugee Dilemma

refugee In 1994 a man named Baruch Goldstein killed 29 Palestinians, and wounded over a hundred more. He believed he was waging a holy war and that his enemies deserved killing. People of faith tend to think and act to the extremes. As Christians, we need to think and act by the power of The Gospel. In America today, it sure feels like a lot of Christians are thinking from the same mindset that motivated Mr. Goldstein. It is alarming.

There is a lot of talk and even panic over the possibility of Syrian refugees coming into our country. I don’t want to get into a political debate over whether they should or shouldn’t. But, as Christians, we need to be constantly asking the question of how we may reach people with the Gospel. The Government we have allows for voting, interaction with Representatives, and activism. We should exercise those opportunities we have been given. So vote, and correspond with the offices of your representatives and senators, and trust in the sovereignty of the same God who left Nero on the throne long enough to kill thousands of Jesus’ followers. But we should absolutely be strategizing how we may utilize every means to reach the nations with the Gospel. When the nations come to our shores, we can bellyache about how they are going to kill us, or we can meet them with the Gospel.

The Gospel is bigger than guns and bombs. Jesus is greater than Allah. IF you are an evangelical Christian, you should already believe this.

**Blog originally posted on Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters.

Life Principles of the Gospel Man Part 2

gospel header  

In Mark 10, Jesus gives us the story of The Rich Young Ruler.  This man is a very religious guy, and has been really good at going to church and doing religious things—but he feels empty.  After realizing that neither status nor religious living would earn God’s favor and salvation, even the disciples are confused.  They ask Jesus how in the world could anyone hope to be saved if successful religious people weren’t good enough.  Jesus told ‘em it was impossible.  There was no way man could be saved—at least, not in his own strength.  But that is the beauty of Amazing Grace!  Only GOD has the ability to save me, and I have nothing in my own power to overcome my inability to get myself saved!  Wow, that was a mouthful.

Now, for those of us who are in Christ, we should feel invincible.  I remember reading a quote from Stonewall Jackson, the great battlefield general of the 19th century.  He was a devout man of God, who loved The Gospel and wanted to see men come to faith in Jesus.  He was fearless in battle and was so confident in God’s sovereignty that he stood in the face of enemy fire like a statue.  He said he felt as safe in battle as he did in bed.  THAT is confidence in The Lord.

Adam Brown, a member of the elite Seal Team Six who was killed in action in 2010, once said he didn’t know how anyone could go to war that didn’t have faith in The Lord.  Confidence in God’s providence enables men and women to move forward in the face of overwhelming adversity.

gospel headerQUOTE

The Gospel-Man knows that there is no greater miracle than the miracle of the salvation of sinners.  If God can radically redeem sinners, and if that salvation actually happens—and it does—then anything really is possible.  My life is defined by the calling and blueprint God has for me.  So, to borrow from a favorite modern hymn, “til he returns, or calls me home…” I am invincible.  And regardless of how difficult the circumstances in life may be, God is never nervous or unsure of what he intends to do.  The God who saves me, empowers me to live obediently, and the impossible becomes possible.

I want to live as one who really does believe that with God, all things really are possible.

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