Brody Holloway



Be Strong — Part 1

The 2012 Be Strong Conference was the most well-attended men’s event we have ever done. I want to share some of the highlights over the next few days. All of the main sessions are available on Snowbird's podcast.

One of the goals of the conference was to motivate men to just be and do what God has plainly called them to. We weren’t trying to do anything “abnormal” or radical. With that as a goal, we wanted to be challenging but also extremely practical. In achieving practicality, during Session One we looked at some examples from scripture of men who fought to be the men God wanted them to be. This requires a maniacal abandonment of societies' parameters and rules. God doesn’t expect us to conform to social culture, rather he calls us to conform to Christ.

For us, these conferences and the challenges they bring are a welcome relief from the constant of student ministry. As we labor to disciple young people, the largest obstacle we face is a lack of leadership in their homes, churches and lives. We really are passionate about getting to challenge the would-be leaders of the church and families.

We love to see men realize and embrace the call of God on their lives in this generation.


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