Brody Holloway



Stay faithful — a word from Kilby

The other day, Tucker (my brother) had a football game. He was so hopeful and pumped up for the game. The only score made the entire game was from Tucker! The opposing team — Murphy — had double. But even after the game... I knew: Tucker was just happy that he was the One — the scorer (if that is a word).

And I don't care that he lost. I know that he is happy. Tucker and me are close, and I know what that touchdown meant to him.

We are so awful at this: We say we are Christians, but when there is a trial, what do we do? What needs to happen is you love and serve Christ faithfully.
When you are in trials, or are the only one, still pursue hard after Christ! He will not "shun" you. You are His creation — He adores you. WOW! Just think, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Sustainer and the Satisfier loves you so much! What an amazing gift and honor. Don't blow it!
  -Kilby Holloway