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SWO14- Friday Night

Brody Holloway closes out SWO14 by looking at Jesus proclamation of the fulfillment of the Gospel has come in the book of Mark.  The disciples came and saw the glory of the Gospel in Jesus, and he commanded them to go and tell of what they experienced.  For the child of God, we have been given the exact same task: come and see, go and tell.

SWO14- Tuesday Night

Brody Holloway looks at the healing of the leper in Mark 1.  Just as Jesus was the only one with the authority to cleanse this leper, he also is the only one with the authority to cleanse us from our sin and wipe away our shame.

SWO14- Tuesday Morning

Brody Holloway teaches about the power of Christ in salvation in Mark 5.  Nobody could help this man until Jesus came on the scene, and not only did Jesus free him from his chains, he freed him from sin.  That is the power of the Gospel: to free lost people from the bondages of sin and redefine us as saved people who identify with Jesus.

SWO14 Monday Night

Brody Holloway kicks off SWO14 by looking at the story of the rich young ruler in Mark 10.  We do not bring anything to God in order to save ourselves; no one can be saved apart from God graciously saving them.