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Prayer Answered

Judge Signed the Court Ruling! Thanks to all who have prayed with us for the judge to sign the court ruling.  It is done!  He signed it at 7:00 pm today, Friday.  We do have a few things that need to be corrected before we can go to the US embassy for document review.  The document file for these kids is literally about four inches thick.  There are so many forms, and they must all match perfectly.  Names and spellings, dates and places, and every detail must be without contradiction.  If any two documents do not match perfectly then the whole process can be delayed weeks, even months.  Pray that as we move through the passport and medical stages, the other documents can be corrected and ready for US embassy review, in the final stage.

One of the critical changes that must be made is to Mo’s birth certificate.  We were told that it should arrive in the lawyer’s mailbox on Monday.  This would be a huge blessing because we could then go to apply for passports on Tuesday.  I fly out at midnight Tuesday night.  We have to have the birth certificates and the court ruling the judge signed today in order to apply for the passports.   Keep praying!

On the lighter side, we are enjoying the time here, and the people we are meeting.  I wanted to share a couple of videos that you would hopefully enjoy.  We are trying to introduce the kids to everyone before we get back home. Through the comments and emails, it is obvious that so many of our extended family already love these two with us.  Thank you all for that.

We will keep you posted.  Pray on!