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Prayer Answered

Judge Signed the Court Ruling! Thanks to all who have prayed with us for the judge to sign the court ruling.  It is done!  He signed it at 7:00 pm today, Friday.  We do have a few things that need to be corrected before we can go to the US embassy for document review.  The document file for these kids is literally about four inches thick.  There are so many forms, and they must all match perfectly.  Names and spellings, dates and places, and every detail must be without contradiction.  If any two documents do not match perfectly then the whole process can be delayed weeks, even months.  Pray that as we move through the passport and medical stages, the other documents can be corrected and ready for US embassy review, in the final stage.

One of the critical changes that must be made is to Mo’s birth certificate.  We were told that it should arrive in the lawyer’s mailbox on Monday.  This would be a huge blessing because we could then go to apply for passports on Tuesday.  I fly out at midnight Tuesday night.  We have to have the birth certificates and the court ruling the judge signed today in order to apply for the passports.   Keep praying!

On the lighter side, we are enjoying the time here, and the people we are meeting.  I wanted to share a couple of videos that you would hopefully enjoy.  We are trying to introduce the kids to everyone before we get back home. Through the comments and emails, it is obvious that so many of our extended family already love these two with us.  Thank you all for that.

We will keep you posted.  Pray on!


Serving Together: Our annual mission trip

A lot of our readers have been asking about the trip to Central America that we just took with the SWO staff. Every year, we take our kids to Honduras to work in an orphanage that is home to 600 children. The kids range from newborn to 18 years, and our kids have learned a lot through these annual trips. In fact, I would say that Little and I have learned a lot through these trips.

I have the opportunity to speak a good bit on the subjects of marriage and family, parenting, biblical manhood, leadership, etc. I also have a lot of opportunities to speak at missions conferences. I often challenge parents to consider taking a family missions trip in the place of an annual vacation. We live in such a material-driven world. We live in such a material-driven CHURCH. If we can break away from the commercialism of America and serve others and teach our children to do the same, then God will honor it. He will grow our families. He will give our kids a vision and passion for the nations and for people who genuinely NEED Jesus. As a parent, giving our children these opportunities is very important. I could go on about this topic, because I am so passionate about it. But I want to make the challenge simple. I want the Lord to challenge you to consider exchanging a typical vacation for a life-changing trip with eternal implications.

I can tell you that when you serve together as a family, things change. Dynamics change. Futures change. When your week together is more about feeding hungry children than it is about feasting at a seafood buffet, things change. When you trade in beachfront lodging for a sleeping mat in a third world orphanage, things change. The first time you look into the eyes of your son or daughter as they look into the eyes of one who is fatherless, things change.

It isn’t that difficult, and we can help point you in the right directions. Opportunities abound. But you only get one chance to raise your children.

Give Him Manhood

“As a father, the son in whom he delights.” Proverbs 3:12b

I love being a father, but I also really love being a daddy. There is such a joy that comes from investing in my son and daughters. I think one of the most encouraging things I can do for my son is to enjoy him. I talk to young men all the time who know their father loves them, but he doesn’t necessarily enjoy them. There is a whole new element to a father’s love when it is accompanied with pleasure in the father-son relationship. This gives a son a completely different, elevated level of confidence.

Building confidence in my son is important to his development and understanding of who he is in Christ. God loves his sons, but he also takes pleasure in us. This completely legitimizes and affirms me.

One of the ways we do this is by teaching the ways of manhood. I often place the burden of being “man of the house” on my son, Tucker (Tuck), when I am traveling. I spend a good deal of time on the road, so I want him to be learning to carry the weight of responsibility that a man should carry. I will often look him in the eyes, put my hand on his shoulder and tell him, “You’ve got this. You’re in charge of personal security at the “Tajmaholloway” while I am gone. Shoot straight and be the man.” I will always grin at him and let him see that leaving him in charge gives me confidence, and delight. I affirm his masculinity — both the tender side and the rough side — to his sisters and mother. This is good for everybody.

Men, invest in your boys. Teach them all that matters. But enjoy them. Delight in them. That will affirm them like nothing else will.

For me and Tuck, we just spend tons of time together. Quantity of time screams delight. Give ‘em lots of it. And grin and laugh while you do it.

Daddy's Girl — God's Design

One of the highlights of my week is taking my girls on dates.  Each week, I try to take each of my daughters out for a little alone time. Kilby and I do breakfast on Mondays — coffee and cinnamon rolls — and then some quality time talking about life and the Gospel.

For Lailee, it is all about the ice cream! She prefers Party Time, but sometimes we head to McDonalds (I mean, a Reese’s McFlurry is hard to argue with).  It doesn’t seem to really matter to them where we go, and it definitely doesn’t matter to me.  It is really all about the time we spend together.  Cell phone is off — no texting or talking, no distractions.  They get my undivided attention.

In addition to our weekly dates, I try to end each day by spending a little time with each one of them — reflecting on the day while sitting on the side of their beds holding hands.

If I could instill in daddies the importance of honoring their daughters with their time — and lots of it — I would do it at most any cost. Daddies need to feel that kind of love that only a daddy can give.  He needs to feel the kind of acceptance, value, honor and worth that only comes from him.  This is the best way for him to see God. But so many fathers are not “daddies.” They are occupied or stressed or whatever you want to call it; but mainly just selfish. Such a little time and talk goes such a long way in the heart and confidence of a little girl. If we would do this, I think there would be a lot fewer girls who need to be needed in their formative years. We see the repercussions of this a lot at SWO.

Last night I looked at Lailee as she lay in bed, and I whispered, “I love being your daddy.” She smiled those big brown eyes shut and smiled herself to sleep. I think the ice cream is working.