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Fall at SWO

full time staff picture 2014 This is my favorite time of year. I love football season, hunting, Thanksgiving and Christmas and just the beauty of the mountains in October and November. Fall time has been especially brilliant here in WNC this year. I don’t know that I remember a year where fall was so perfect.

One of the misconceptions that a lot of people have about SWO is that we are really only busy during the summer. The reality is, we run a really busy schedule during the school year, and have had a lot going on this fall. We hosted five Fall Retreat weekends (Equip Conferences), two SWO Marriage Retreats, a Fall Be Strong Men’s Conference (there will be one more this coming spring, March 12-14, 2015), World Missions Conference (2nd one is on April 24-26), Worldview Conference, Iron-On-Iron Student Ministry Conference, and numerous day trips for local middle schools and high schools. We also hosted 6 Christians School retreats. In the middle of all of this, we maintain a pretty active travel schedule. I have seen many of you while on the road this fall. God has blessed us so much in 2014.

Our summer SWO15 schedule is already filling up fast, and we are over 1000 students ahead of SWO14 registrations. If you are a student pastor, don’t delay in getting students signed up. Several weeks are already full and others are close.

On that note, we have been recruiting summer staff for 2015. We need a lot of folks on board in order to do ministry the way we feel it most effective. If you or someone you know is looking for a place to serve, please pass along the link to the SWO15 Summer staff application. It is an amazing experience--one that is life changing. Please give me a shout if you have questions. I want to include a link to a blog that one of our SWO Institute students wrote recently about serving on Summer Staff.



SWO Winter Romans 1:19-23

At a SWO13 Winter Retreat, Brody preaches out of Romans 1 on an appropriate response to the truth of the Gospel. Believers will fear God with the understanding that, "A proper fear of the Lord will drive you into the safety that your relationship with the Lord provides." Instead of suppressing the truth, we should respond to God's revelation of Himself by honoring and glorifying Him, especially through giving thanks.

SWO Winter, Romans 1:18

Brody preaches out of Romans 1 at a SWO13 Winter Retreat. Focusing on verse 18, he notes that God's wrath is motivated by His justice and righteousness. God pours out His wrath because of His righteousness, and believers are saved from His wrath because He gives us His righteousness. The love of God accompanies the wrath of God because His characteristics cannot be separated from His nature.