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SWO Winter Romans 1:19-23

At a SWO13 Winter Retreat, Brody preaches out of Romans 1 on an appropriate response to the truth of the Gospel. Believers will fear God with the understanding that, "A proper fear of the Lord will drive you into the safety that your relationship with the Lord provides." Instead of suppressing the truth, we should respond to God's revelation of Himself by honoring and glorifying Him, especially through giving thanks.

SWO Winter, Romans 1:18

Brody preaches out of Romans 1 at a SWO13 Winter Retreat. Focusing on verse 18, he notes that God's wrath is motivated by His justice and righteousness. God pours out His wrath because of His righteousness, and believers are saved from His wrath because He gives us His righteousness. The love of God accompanies the wrath of God because His characteristics cannot be separated from His nature.