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Daddy's Girl — God's Design

One of the highlights of my week is taking my girls on dates.  Each week, I try to take each of my daughters out for a little alone time. Kilby and I do breakfast on Mondays — coffee and cinnamon rolls — and then some quality time talking about life and the Gospel.

For Lailee, it is all about the ice cream! She prefers Party Time, but sometimes we head to McDonalds (I mean, a Reese’s McFlurry is hard to argue with).  It doesn’t seem to really matter to them where we go, and it definitely doesn’t matter to me.  It is really all about the time we spend together.  Cell phone is off — no texting or talking, no distractions.  They get my undivided attention.

In addition to our weekly dates, I try to end each day by spending a little time with each one of them — reflecting on the day while sitting on the side of their beds holding hands.

If I could instill in daddies the importance of honoring their daughters with their time — and lots of it — I would do it at most any cost. Daddies need to feel that kind of love that only a daddy can give.  He needs to feel the kind of acceptance, value, honor and worth that only comes from him.  This is the best way for him to see God. But so many fathers are not “daddies.” They are occupied or stressed or whatever you want to call it; but mainly just selfish. Such a little time and talk goes such a long way in the heart and confidence of a little girl. If we would do this, I think there would be a lot fewer girls who need to be needed in their formative years. We see the repercussions of this a lot at SWO.

Last night I looked at Lailee as she lay in bed, and I whispered, “I love being your daddy.” She smiled those big brown eyes shut and smiled herself to sleep. I think the ice cream is working.