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Life Principles of the Gospel Man Part 6

gospel headerI have always felt a strong call to action when I read Peter’s words in 1 Peter 5:8-9. “Be sober-minded; be watchful.  Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  Resist him…”

The bible is full of imperatives which are commands and calls to action for the believer.  A story from a good pastor-friend of mine drove this home recently.

This brother was preparing for an international trip one morning well before daylight, when suddenly there was a violent knock at his front door.  Looking at his watch he saw that it didn’t yet register 5:30 am.  He wondered who would be at his front door at this hour.  In that moment of uneasiness, he also remembered that there had been a couple of recent break-ins in his neighborhood.  With stealth, he made his way through the dimly lit hallway that led to his front door, and crossed to a nearby window that would give him an unnoticed point of view.  From there, he looked out and saw a man with his face mostly covered by a hoodie, peering into the tiny window in the front door.  The man held one hand behind his back and stood in a very offensive posture.  Fearing the hidden hand held a weapon, my buddy went on the offensive (this proved to be true, as the man had a pistol).  By recognizing the signs of a home invasion, my friend was able to stop the man in his tracks and send him fleeing.  The police were called and the man was later arrested.  What began as an attack that could have left my friend’s family hurt or killed, turned into a thwarted plan that left the armed burglar in jail, lucky to not have been shot.  My friend’s vigilance saved lives.  A tactical principal held true.  Action beats reaction.  Every time.


This story ended favorably because he not only read the warning signs, but he remained vigilant and steadfast.   And he was armed.  He knew the posture and signs and had armed himself in the defense of his family.  But locks and guns only go so far.  His MINDSET is what saved his family that morning.

I wish more men would take the spiritual defense of their own families more seriously.  We have been called to holiness, and to fight for our wives, marriages, children, and our own godliness.  This requires vigilance.  I have to be aware of my own temptation and sin, my own weaknesses and tendencies, and my own knack for abandoning my walk with The Lord.  As a father and shepherd, I am responsible for the safety of those in my home, in my care.  Defending my family isn’t just a physical responsibility,  it's a spiritual one and an emotional one too.  If I am vigilant in my pursuit of Christ and godliness for my own life, then I will more likely be in tune with the needs of my wife and kids.

When the enemy comes, I will take action and go on the offensive, rather than waiting until after he attacks and trying to react defensively.

Knowing the roaring lion and his tactics as Paul instructs in 2 Corinthians 2:11 is critical.  Knowing The Lion of Judah and submitting to him daily will enable me to ROAR BACK.  Besides, action always beats reaction.  Arm yourself.


Further reading:

Ephesians 4:27

Ephesians 6:11

2 Corinthians 2:11

2 Corinthians 10:4-6

Life Principles of the Gospel Man Part 5

  gospel headerBe an upward pull, not a downward push. 

I want to be the kind of person that makes others better.  Sometimes this comes about by setting an example.  Paul told Timothy to “set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity”.  One of the simple things that I can do as an effective Christ follower is to set this type of an example.  This will encourage others and create a positive atmosphere that will be contagious and productive.

If I am always complaining, or negative, or simply ungodly in my speech and attitude, I will create dead weight for those around me.  I will become a downward force that is a burden.  But if I will be focused on encouraging and working hard, refusing to complain or be negative, then I will help those around me be better too.

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A man or woman of God should be dedicated to hard work and to making others better.  This will reflect well on Christ, and will make the company, the office, the crew, the class or whatever other day-to-day group of people by which I am surrounded more positive and joyful.

Life Principles of the Gospel Man Part 4

gospel header“Fire anyone who uses the word “can’t” more than one time.”  For years, this statement I read by the CEO of a pretty impressive company has stood out to me.  However, this rule isn’t one that I have followed in dealing with those under my leadership and care.  In other words, I don’t ever fire someone for saying they can’t do something, but I do want to help them get over that attitude and become optimistic in every situation.  For me, it has been a personal challenge that when I am faced with difficult situations or obstacles to not let my instinct to be “I can’t.”  Whether in my personal, my professional, or in ministry life, I never want to have a defeatist’s attitude.  I never want the first reaction I have toward a difficult challenge to be, “Oh I can’t do that,” and then go on to give all the reasons why it would never work.  Instead, I want to begin by assuming I can do anything I am committed to and willing to work for.  Sure, there are things I simply do not have the skill or resources to accomplish.  But that should never be the conclusion with which I BEGIN a task.  I should have to be shown and proven that I can’t do something before I think about saying “I can’t.”  Then, if and when that proves true, I should have the humility to accept it.

We need to understand that God expects great things of us, and he expects us to work, and strive, and live life with a dogged determination to complete tasks and accomplish goals.   Get the word “can’t” OUT of your vocabulary.

Life Principles of the Gospel Man Part 2

gospel header  

In Mark 10, Jesus gives us the story of The Rich Young Ruler.  This man is a very religious guy, and has been really good at going to church and doing religious things—but he feels empty.  After realizing that neither status nor religious living would earn God’s favor and salvation, even the disciples are confused.  They ask Jesus how in the world could anyone hope to be saved if successful religious people weren’t good enough.  Jesus told ‘em it was impossible.  There was no way man could be saved—at least, not in his own strength.  But that is the beauty of Amazing Grace!  Only GOD has the ability to save me, and I have nothing in my own power to overcome my inability to get myself saved!  Wow, that was a mouthful.

Now, for those of us who are in Christ, we should feel invincible.  I remember reading a quote from Stonewall Jackson, the great battlefield general of the 19th century.  He was a devout man of God, who loved The Gospel and wanted to see men come to faith in Jesus.  He was fearless in battle and was so confident in God’s sovereignty that he stood in the face of enemy fire like a statue.  He said he felt as safe in battle as he did in bed.  THAT is confidence in The Lord.

Adam Brown, a member of the elite Seal Team Six who was killed in action in 2010, once said he didn’t know how anyone could go to war that didn’t have faith in The Lord.  Confidence in God’s providence enables men and women to move forward in the face of overwhelming adversity.

gospel headerQUOTE

The Gospel-Man knows that there is no greater miracle than the miracle of the salvation of sinners.  If God can radically redeem sinners, and if that salvation actually happens—and it does—then anything really is possible.  My life is defined by the calling and blueprint God has for me.  So, to borrow from a favorite modern hymn, “til he returns, or calls me home…” I am invincible.  And regardless of how difficult the circumstances in life may be, God is never nervous or unsure of what he intends to do.  The God who saves me, empowers me to live obediently, and the impossible becomes possible.

I want to live as one who really does believe that with God, all things really are possible.

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