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Respond Women's Retreat: A Letter from Little

little blog When my grandma purchased the land that camp sits on, she made a sweet request to the Lord and asked that everyone who stepped foot on this property would feel the presence of the Lord. I have had the golden opportunity to watch this peace land inside the heart and soul of many lives while being a part of the ministry here at Snowbird over the last two decades.  The Lord is so very good!

My life is a beautiful chaotic mess, raising 2 teenagers, one pre-teen, a kindergartener, and a toddler. I’m always on the go—like so many of you. However, in the busy-ness, it has been very refreshing to have a few moments to myself preparing for the Respond Women’s Conference.

Most of that preparation has been in reading through the book of Philippians.  The old truth that to live is Christ has breathed a new freedom into my lungs and drawn me into His marvelous light once again. Paul’s words compel us to dig deep and press close to our Savior, dying to ourselves that we might live. If our lives are found in Christ, we can be women who are unified in a way that speaks the truth of our Savior in the midst of suffering.

My prayer for the women who come to Respond is that they would feel Christ as they step onto the ground here…that they’d hear Him softly calling them into a place of humble re-purpose…soaked and saturated with the joy of the Lord.  I can’t wait to see each of you ladies! There’s still a few spots left, so if you’re thinking of coming, please do! Register today.



Life Principles of the Gospel Man Part 4

gospel header“Fire anyone who uses the word “can’t” more than one time.”  For years, this statement I read by the CEO of a pretty impressive company has stood out to me.  However, this rule isn’t one that I have followed in dealing with those under my leadership and care.  In other words, I don’t ever fire someone for saying they can’t do something, but I do want to help them get over that attitude and become optimistic in every situation.  For me, it has been a personal challenge that when I am faced with difficult situations or obstacles to not let my instinct to be “I can’t.”  Whether in my personal, my professional, or in ministry life, I never want to have a defeatist’s attitude.  I never want the first reaction I have toward a difficult challenge to be, “Oh I can’t do that,” and then go on to give all the reasons why it would never work.  Instead, I want to begin by assuming I can do anything I am committed to and willing to work for.  Sure, there are things I simply do not have the skill or resources to accomplish.  But that should never be the conclusion with which I BEGIN a task.  I should have to be shown and proven that I can’t do something before I think about saying “I can’t.”  Then, if and when that proves true, I should have the humility to accept it.

We need to understand that God expects great things of us, and he expects us to work, and strive, and live life with a dogged determination to complete tasks and accomplish goals.   Get the word “can’t” OUT of your vocabulary.