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Soldiers, Athletes, and Farmers

bestrong-emailheader I wanted to share the opening session of the SWO16 Winter Be Strong Men’s Conference, which happened last weekend.  A couple hundred men from all over the U.S. were in attendance.  From Northern Illinois to South Florida, men came together for fellowship, recreation, and discipleship.  I hope this is encouraging and helpful.  Give a listen, then pass along.


Holloway Nation 2.0

Every fall, we try to do a Holloway Nation photo shoot.  It is a lot fun, and also a great way to watch these guys grow from year to year.  Thought we’d share a few of these pics with you.  Little and I are so blessed to be in our twenty-second year of marriage together.  It has been an amazing journey and I am so grateful to The Lord for the family he has blessed us with.  I love these guys like crazy. Plus see how much they've grown from last year. holloway_8651



holloway_8370bw holloway_8485 holloway_8394 holloway_8367holloway_8624 holloway_8775 holloway_8640holloway_8701Photography done by Caroline Ellis.